Frequently Asked Questions
What is EarlyOrder

EarlyOrder is a simple breakthrough mobile app to make and order pizza from pizza shops around you.

How do I use EarlyOrder?

You can search your pizza shop, make your pizza, and order it. We'll work our magic and hand your order over to the pizza shop so they can get to work on it for you. When they get it they'll do their best to make it fresh for what time you want and bring it to you. Then just pick it up at the counter or your door and enjoy it!

How much does it cost?

Earlyorder is free.

Where can I use EarlyOrder?

EarlyOrder is available first exclusively in Ontario, Canada, NS, Canada, and via a private beta in San Francisco, with make my pizza starting at limited locations. Our exciting make my pizza is currently in a live invite only Beta. Locations that don't have make my pizza will link you to online order from them directly. For now you can sign up on our home page to get on our waitlist. We'll keep you updated, and if your lucky we'll let you in to have some fun earlier than everyone else!

How do I Join?

Download it here.

What happens after I submit an order?

We send your order directly to the pizza shop. The pizza shop tells us they are working on it and we give you a receipt.

How do I pay?

We accept major credit cards such as Visa and Mastercard.

When is my credit card charged?

Your credit card is charged as soon as you place your order.

Is payment information secure?

Yes. We take this very seriously and don't share any details. We value your trust. We encrypt everything when you order. We use Verisign, the leader in SSL encryption to make sure information is secure. We also use the most advanced global payments technologies.

What browsers and devices do you support?

EarlyOrder is currently available only for Apple mobile devices. Reach out to us if you want us elsewhere or have any issues.